Rent the Heider Center

Are you looking for a unique venue for your next corporate or private event? You could have it here at the Heider Center. We can host any size event and are happy to assist you with sound, lighting, and stage set-up.

If interested please contact Dan Heerts, Arts Director by e-mail or by calling (608) 786-1220 (ext 2145). More specific rental information about the auditorium, equipment, and administration is below.

Auditorium & Stage

Auditorium and Seating

The auditorium consists of one main floor with no balconies. The entire theatre seats 650 when all seats are installed. There are 5 wheelchair accessible seating spaces. The distance from Row A to the edge of the orchestra pit is 5′. The distance from the apron to Row A is 12′.

Stage Dimensions and Information

Back stage at the Heider Center in West Salem, WI

Proscenium: Width – 45′, Height – 17′

Stage House: Curtain line to sky cyc: 28′ – 3″

Curtain Line to Rear Wall: 37′ – 0″

Plaster Line to Curtain Line: 1 ‘- 0″

Stage Floor: Poured cement with 3/4″ plywood subdeck with final 1/4″ masonite overlay painted flat black. No trap room under stage. Lag screws are not permitted.

Apron: Apron depth is 3′ – 0″. Not accessible from side entrances.

Wings: Stage right 21′-0″ to loading shop door. Stage left 14′ – 0″ to loading rail vertical clearance on both sides is
15 ‘- 0″.

Gridiron: 40′ to gridiron max drop height to fly is 15′ – 0″ and loading rail is stage left. Locking rail located stage left. Loading bridge located at grid height, stage left.

Soft Goods: Grande Curtain can fly or travel at split center (dark navy blue) 6′ x 50′ grande teasher (dark navy blue) 3 sets of black pleated legs; length 19 ‘- 6″, width 7’ – 6″, 1 mid-stage black pleated traveler, 4 black pleated borders, 1 black scrim, and 1 light blue sky cyc.

Hard Goods: Full Wenger Diva sound shell. Various Wenger 4 x 8 platforms and heights, 16 sets of 3 step choral risers, and a Yamaha baby grand piano (black).

Rigging: 29 manual “T” track counterweight line sets. Maximum arbor weight is 1,000 lbs.

Available Counterweight: 12,000 lbs battons are 58′ in length.